pirmdiena, 2011. gada 10. oktobris

Angels in Sahara

Behind torn bottle of whiskey,
Sleeping pair of cheap noodles.
Single fingers,
Frozen all in blue.

Angels in stead of birds,
Hiding in Sahara.
Don't stare at me so punitive,
I'll grab the peace out.

Sometimes with bottle,
Sometimes with smoke.
Calling angels back,
Sending birds away.

Colorful clouds above my head,
Mind are resting, thoughts are sprawling.
Come over for a visit,
Glass of whiskey are flashing.

And we will...
be able to tell to grandchild,
How to get angels here,
And we will...
be able to gossip,
How to send birds away.

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Anonīms teica...

čau, sekotāj! gribēju dot ziņu par savu jauno adresi -, lai vari atkal būt mans draudziņš. /bijusī cherryjoanlovesyou